Phoenix Residential Care Home

Welcome to Phoenix Residential Care Home

Facilities Within The Home

Feel at Home


Within the home we have two lounges, one main lounge where residents can enjoy various activities, music and watching TV. Our other lounge is designed for residents to sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. This lounge consists of a sofa where individuals who enjoy reading and solving puzzle books can sit  and enjoy their own company. The difference in lounges allows residents to choose where they wish to sit depending on how they are feeling in that moment in time. 

Meal times


We have a conservatory area which consists of a dining room where residents can sit up the table and enjoy eatping lunch together. Residents can of course choose to eat in their own bedrooms if preferred, as we are aware not everyone likes to socialise during mealtimes. 

Catering within the home


We have a fully equipped kitchen which is managed by our experienced chef, who provides tasty meals for our 18 residents. Our chef is fully trained to work in the kitchen and caters for individuals who have specific dietary requirements. Our menu’s are different every week and are changed per season. We sit down with the residents before each season starts and they choose the types of foods they would like on the next menu. 



We have onsite laundry catering for all our residents. We wash their clothes, iron them and put them away on a daily basis. Residents clothing items are all individually named. 



Our home has 18 good sized bedrooms, all with individual decor and furniture. Four of these are “premium” rooms that are bigger in size. 16 of our rooms have en suite toilet and washing facilities. Residents are able to decorate their own rooms should they wish to. We like our residents to feel at home, so we encourage photos and homely items to be in their bedrooms. Each bedroom has three sets of colour coded bedding per person. Each room is equipped with a fire safety door and a call bell system for residents who require assistance in their rooms.